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Text for Page 035 [11-01-1861]

     Cahill.   Miscellaneous.   Out-of-sorts.
  1.  Friday.   In doors drawing all the morn-
ing.   Cahill came home from his actor party at
7 and insisted on returning to the breakfast-
table, to partake of more coffee and to obligingly
volunteer to read the daily paper to Mrs. Boley.
I got him to bed presently, when there came
a companion of his, one Ferry, who obtaining
admittance under plea of urgent business, shared
his bed, being unwilling to go home in his pre-
sent condition.       Both of them rose and went
off about noon.     Shepherd up all the after-
noon.    Down town with him by 4.   A raw,
damp day with suggestions of coming rain
in it.      Felt rather unwell.        Looked into
�Sunday Times� office, then uptown, interchang-
ing a word or two with Dana at the Park
gate.    Drawing a little in the evening.
  2.  Saturday.   Bilious and sick with a
violent cold in my limbs; too much out of
sort to get up and dress, so lay shivering
and burning and listening to the violent drench-
ing rain without till 11 � when Shepherd came
up.     He stayed all day, the storm continuing.
Mrs. Boley up, and the servant with tea and
toast &c.     Towards the evening dressed and ad-
journed to the room below � the front one, about               
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