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Text for Page 038 [11-02-1861]

		  A Scandal.
to others and Cahill does the like.     On Fri-
day afternoon, at sunset, he tells me, having
previously imparted similar confidence to Shep-
herd and Jewitt.         I anticipate a row and
scandal and much virtuous indignation on the
part of the Irishry, and say nothing.      Some 
evenings previous, Halsted has taken Jones
to the Canterbury Hall, where they talk to
the two Miss Mathews.  (Jones has been staying
here for the last week, for a ludricous reason to
be related hereafter.)      Griswold and Phillips,
too, escort the young ladies, on once occasion, to
their place of business.    On Friday night, while
Cahill is getting drunk at the �House of Com-
mons� in company with the harlotry players, the
Gearys entertain certain of our Irishry and that
devoted �squire of dames Bradshaw.    As custo-
mary the conversation turns on the doings at 132
Bleecker Street; for, as Mrs. Boley remarks,
relating this portion of the story to myself and
Shepherd, �it�s a curious thing how everybody as
has boarded here always wants to know what�s
going on � they�re more interested about it than
about the war, I declare!�          And the Irishry,
including Mc Cook and the Lees � not the un-
fortunate Ham, who has lost Mrs. Geary�s affect-
ionate regards and is not consequently invited �               
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