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Text for Page 039 [11-02-1861]

	    Row among the Irishry.
all boil over with virtuous and irrepressible
indignation at the unlucky prostitutes who did-
n�t come to this house to exercise their amateur
vocation, but were compelled to it by the men,
� for the elder girl cried at the necessity,
saying they wanted to get rid of their past as-
sociations.    I can fancy the grand Irish
pow-wow held about it! �Just what men
are my dear! they don�t care Our so-
ciety but when a couple of low, dhurty, nasty
lager-bier girrels came along � !� &c &c.
This, Bradshaw duly reported to Mrs. Boley.
She, holding the Irishry in slight esteem, and
knowing nothing for certain of the girls� concu-
piscence, considered the onslaught made upon
them as originating in the contempt of the shop
counter for rouge and spangles and declared
apropos of the Gearys� that she had had Bryant�s
Minstrels here before Canterbury Hall, further-
more asserting that as long as the girls �behaved
decent� they should stay here, though the Irish-
ry departed.      Whereupon Bradshaw is moved
to relate what he knows � or some portion of it �
not that he had obligingly offered to exchange beds
with Griswold for the accommodation of Halsted�s
nocturnal doings.    Then Mrs. B. resolves that
the �young ladies� must leave the house and quietly               
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