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Text for Page 042 [11-03-1861]

	        Mrs. Butler�s Suitors.
-ing over the recent scandal.     The affairs of
132 interest the Woodward girls no less than
they do the Gearys � or Mrs. Butler!   Apro-
pos of her; Jones� reappearance is thus
accounted for: Le Van has written a letter to
the good-looking widow declaring that New York
is not capacious enough to contain both him and
his rival! hence she thinks that Jones had bet-
ter temporarily absent himself from her board-
ing-house, in case that the Ass with the Scarlet
Countenance, should fulfill his dreadful threat:
Le Van, forbidden the house in favor of the
devoted but grubby finger-nailed Cambrian, 
haunts Mrs. B. on Broadway and writes let-
ters to her.         To 12th street by 6p Bel-
lew and wife away.   To 16th; supped with
Haney at Mrs. Potters, stayed till 8 �, then
out together, parting for a while at 12th.
Overtook Bellew and his wife; he returning
from a day�s visit to thte camp of the Mc.
Clellan Rifles, on Staten Island.  O�Brien
has shot a man in the abdomen, for insub-
ordination, outside the limits of the camp and
is now in charge of the civil authorities.
Bellew did not see him and talks very
gravely of the deed, as does his wife. �Mr.
O�Brien,� she says, �is very much hated by               
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