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Text for Page 010 [10-17-1851]

              this woman talk, what elaborate trash does she write.
What a thorough sham and counterfeit is she, in thoughts,
in words, in actions.     And what egotism, deep rooted flimsy
ness of egotism constitutes her whole nature.  All her writings
are but Jo Paens to Rebecca Kidder.   She read of her
griefs, of her trials; how she pined for loftier ambitions, for
appreciation, how hard was her fate, being brought into contact
with sordid, common-place natures; (each of which be it said
has more of truth in it, than has marked [words crossed out],  her
whole existence.)  �George Brown�, so said her Diary, which
she read aloud to us (!) �had forfieted all title to her friend-
ship.� He had married her sister, that was his offence.   In
the book were complaints and repinings at everybody, open self-
praise, or that revelling in self accusation, darling pride that
apes humility loves to wallow in.   She Byronized, she sen-
timentalized, she prosed, her whole world of images and ideas,
not once presenting the hint of originality.  Womans mission &c.
And such counterfeit of feeling,  Of Love, of Friendship, of
Religion, of Doubt (?) of repining at not being this, that, &
Heaven knows what ��    Got so impatient that I criticized 
it as bosh downright, wherefore, albeit she�ll not say so, she�ll
hate me evermore.    I know she couldn�t forgive that.
  18. Saturday. Drawing awhile, on wood, and scribbling,
then down town.  To Traveler Office, Strongs &c.  To the Re-
veille Office, where   I saw Barton, and got a weight of wood-               
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