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Text for Page 044 [11-03-1861]

	       The great Newman.
to do the same.          To 745, to join Haney.
Saw Nast and Sally run off upstairs (after
a look-in after church) as Mat let me in.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Eliza, Jack, Polhemus and
Haney in the basement.   A slow half-hour or
more, then the usual break up.
  4.  Monday.   Down town by 11 �, to Harper�s.
Saw Mc. Lenan and Newman in the sanctum,
when the latter gave me, I thought, a charac-
teristically snobbish greeting.     I believe the 
sweep is greatly injured by Bellew�s return-
ing and quietly resuming his former position, to which
his unrivalled abilities give him unquestionable
right, to the comparative superseding of New-
man�s trash.     This fellow, with his open-
mouthed conceit, his cockney chatter, his inter-
minable fidgetty egotisms, his inordinate chil-
dish vanity, was treated with the utmost gene-
rosity and courtesy by Bellew, when he first
came to this country, and professed great 
regard both for him and myself, but eager-
ly and indecently dropped us when he supposed
we could be of no use to him, and as raven-
ously pursued those whom he thought might
be.           I saw him again at Frank Leslie�s,
whither I went straight way (finding Bonner ab-
sent) where Newman came in while I was               
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