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Text for Page 046 [11-04-1861]

		English Items.
former wooer, �the only sister who lives with
James and Frank (?)� � evidently his late wife�s
sister � �would now be very desirable to Har-
ry one may fancy.�       Rosa and Charley live
at an Islington villa; they have been at Neithrop,
returning to town with my sister Rosa, after a
stay on her part of seven weeks � seven too many
with that family, I think.      She visited the Davids
and talked Spurgeon at George Gardner among
other things, besides discreetly characterizing
Charley�s wife as �the mischief-maker of the fa-
mily,� at Neithrop, to Mrs. Drinkwater, ex Bez-
ly, who of course told the small person imme-
diately concerned.    For �Rosa speaks very un-
thinkingly, often,� and Mrs. Drinkwater is al-
together undeserving of her latest-acquired name;
� �it is reported that she and her husband have
fought.�   Her old mother lives yet and is as
fond of cards as ever; mother and daughter
drive about in a cart, Mrs. D. looking �fat and
common.�   George Bolton writes home snivel-
lingly and, I think, untruly about inability to
return to England this year,� as he has had
heavy losses in the yielding of his corn� � Rot!
his crops were better than hearty Baker�s, as
the latter told him, when he was depreciating them
� �and in the number of his lambs� � which               
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