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Text for Page 048 [11-05-1861]

	More of O�Brien�s Homicide.
at Haney�s five minutes afterwards; out with
him.    He was going to Staten Island immedia-
tely and told me that the man shot by O�Brien
was Sergeant to the regiment.      Close to the
�Herald� office a man accosted me whom I recog-
nized as Gabay, my fellow-passenger across
the Atlantic in the �Indiana.�  He told me he
had stayed in Europe eight months.    He was
born in London, of Dutch parents, and now
keeps a cigar-shop at 263, Hudson Street.
Across the street I met Shanley who talked of
O�Brien, naming the Sergeant and stating that
O�B. had exhibited to him (Shanley) a revol-
ver on Friday, saying that he expected to have
to use it on that particular person.         To Strong�s.
Saw him; got the last $5 for last chapter
of story and stayed chatting with the little man
for half an hour or more.         He mentioned
incidentally things about sundry acquaintances.
Talking of O�Brien, Strong, who was with
him in the abortive chain-cable laying experi-
ment to Newfoundland, undertaken some
four or five years ago, told how upon an
old gentleman�s objecting to O�B�s arbitra-
rily using his boat to be rowed ashore in,
the Irishman bullied him and threatened
to throw him overboard.   But the senior had               
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