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Text for Page 050 [11-05-1861]

	Mrs. Winchester and Others.
to the wife of �little Kidder.�    He made her ac-
quaintance, he said, in a rain-storm; she
took shelter in his shop, when he 
offered her a chair.      Then she wanted him
to publish her trash, to have his name on the
title-page; then the printer sent in the bill to
him and there were botherations about the bind-
ing, about the copies the took, and altogether
though he didn�t lose anything, the whole affair
was vexatious and characteristically Kidder-
ian.       This was �the volume in press� which Char-
ley�s dead brother talked magmiloquently of
to innocent me, in Canal street days!       I have
written of its contents before.    About the au-
thoress, said Strong, who laughed comically,
relating his vexations with Bohemians of both
sexes: �I thought she was � oh? if any-
body had tried, you know!�        A perfectly
correct judgment.         Up town by 2 �.
Writing all the evening.  I had expected to have
spent it in getting the election returns for the
Fourth Ward as I did last year, Boweryem
having informed me (by note, as I live in the
same house) that he had secured the job for me
some days ago, but tonight, it appeared my
name hadn�t been put down.  I received both
intimations with equal equanimity.               
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