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Text for Page 051 [11-05-1861]

	A Letter from George Bolton.
  6.  Wednesday.   A dull, rainy day.   In
doors at work on another story till the evening,
then writing to Hannah.     Cahill, up for half
an hour before our 6 � meal, reports that O�B.
was drunk when he shot the man.      He has
to paragraph the event, for the �Times� and will
do it favorably to O�Brien, albeit he detests
him in consequence of his recent insolence towards
  7.  Thursday.   A letter from George Bolton
commencing �Dear old friend,� in which he
ingenuously wonders that he should have re-
ceived nothing from me �since I left that dreary
spot,� alludes to my sending papers &c to the
Tews, Baker and Conworth, augurs success
and profit as my present for time, relates
how Baker, Hart or John visit him of Sun-
days and their speculations about the war.
He says, also, that he has let his farm on
lease, that he intends to stay for a week or
two with John, then to �try city life in Mon-
treal,� returning to England, perhaps by the way
of New York in January � inquiring the rate 
of passage by sailing packet.    John may
accompany him � will I go, too?    The Tews
are well; William preparing for the hunting
season.   Henry is now a Commercial travel-               
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