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Text for Page 011 [10-18-1851]

              blocks for drawing pictorial rebusses and sufficient to sink a three-
decker.  To Picayune Office, got paid for drawing $3 all in
small silver, (real Picayune change.)  To Traveller Office again.
Made new arrangement with Holbrook, he to give me $3 a week
regularly, I to scribble what I like, not confining to Ike Chivvles.
All right.     Afternoon down again with more things, thence to the
Battery, thence returning.   Part of the evening sitting in the room
of Mr Cunningham, with him and wife.     Mr Cunningham nar-
rateth of a fearful accident which on the preceeding night befel
the unhappy rooster, who commonly abideth in the yard of this 
establishment, and who hath a peculiarly asthmatic crow of his own.
How, he, Cunningham, going to the shrine of Cloacina, (which
said temple the fowl doth much frequent, as I know) was start-
led at hearing a crow from the nether depths, how he discovered 
the luckless crow there, and went in, demanding of Mrs Leave
whether she owned a bird commonly existant in the yard, to
which she, assenting, he informed her of the plight of chanticleer.
�Oh it�s my rooster� quoth she, and with the two Irish hand-
maidens sallied out straightway to the rescue. And first they tried
to lasso him a la Mexicaine, but couldn�t, and then they tried
a basket, but Rooster was�nt sharp enough to get in�t. Finally 
they got him up, though how the deponent sayeth not.  My
impression is that the wretched fowl designed suicide, impelled by
want of society; albeit he may have accidentally made the
worse than Curtins-like-leap, in the essay to leap on the seat.               
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