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Text for Page 053 [11-07-1861]

ler in the drapary line � in Canada parlance,
a �dry-goods pedlar.�   Richard Bolton stays
in Montreal for another year.           A gushing
letter in the old style, necessitating, I suppose,
the hypocrisy of an answer, which I shall defer
as long and make as short as is possible.  Down
town by noon.   To F. Leslie�s and the Evening
Post office.    A talk with Godwin, he asking
me if I�d like to go as correspondent to Wash-
ington?  Of course, yes.  Maverick making an
article about O�Brien � told me that the man he
shot is dead.            To the Staten Island Ferry,
with intent to embark; no boat for an hour; de-
ferred it.       A stroll along the East River, lunch
in Fulton Market.      Back to Nassau Street;
to W. Leslie�s; up town.       Evening to the Win-
ter Garden to see the play of the �Octoroon.�
  8.  Friday.   Story writing all the morning.
Shepherd up by 2; down town with him, to
F. Leslie�s, to the Sunday Times office, where
we parted.  Reading proof of story.   Croly
came up; told me that Stedman had been in
New York and returned to Washington and that
Cobb had relinquished his situation as Cameron�s 
private Secretary, surmising that the former being
an honest and honorable man and his employer
a scoundrel might be the cause of it.      To the               
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