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Text for Page 055 [11-08-1861]

Evening Post office, a dense crowd blockading
it, to obtain the last edition, containing news
about the Naval Expedition having arrived
at Port Royal and being there engaged fighting.
Looked in at Haney�s office; saw him; then
up-town.  Cahill drank at dinner, according
to his Friday�s custom.         Writing during
the evening.
  9.  Saturday.   A rainy, stormy day.   In
doors, writing.     The story goes now about
O�Brien, that the man Davenport will recover, and
that O�B. has been acquitted by the military au-
thorities and is out on bail to the civil ones.
  10.  Sunday.   A fine, sunny day.   To 16th
street, found Haney and Ned Hayes, he ha-
ving arrived from Philadelphia on Friday.
The three of us to 745, in the basement, with
the table spread for dinner.  Enter the smiling
and curled Martha, who has not gone to church,
staying at home to make a pudding and to su-
perintend the cooking of the dinner.  A welcome
to Hayes and inquiries about the old folks, who
play their rubbers in Philadelphia.      Arrival
of Mr and Mrs Edwards, Eliza and Jack.
General conversation and invitations to dinner,
accepted by Haney, Hayes and I having de-
cided to go to Leslie�s, he in accordance with               
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