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Text for Page 059 [11-10-1861]

	   �Kate Fisher leaves 132.
conversed promiscuously.     The party broke up
by 11 �, after the usual hour in honor of
the rarer visitor.  He returns to Philadelphia
by an early train tomorrow morning.   As Leigh
Hunt said he loved all Philadelphia women
because his mother was born there, so the
name of the city will always sound pleasant
to my ears, because it is the place of the nati-
vity of the Edwards� girls.  Sometimes I won-
der whether I may not have passed by their
house on my first visit, to in 1849.
  11.  Monday.   Shepherd and Cahill up in
the morning.    Story writing.  Down town in
the afternoon, to F. Leslie�s, saw F. Wood;
got $8 for drawing.     At Crook and Duff�s
found Bellew with Swinton.     Enter Cahill.
Up town with the former and latter.     Bellew
has taken a house in West Twenty Second street,
between the 9th and 10th avenues.  Parted with
him at Canal.       Writing during the evening.
  Mrs Clark, otherwise Kate Fisher, leaves the
halls of Boley to-morrow.    There has been a
row between her and our landlady, originating
in a deduction of twenty-five cents on the
part of the boarder for two days lack of firing.
She and the two Lees are getting sympathe-
tically drunk upon this grievance, this very               
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