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Text for Page 060 [11-11-1861]

	Boweryem disgusts the Ladies.
evening; I heard all three of their voices exalt-
ed on passing the door, coming up stairs.   Clark�s
departure will come hard on the ladies; they
will have to purchase their own beer and gin,
or to abstain.            A prospect of a jolly row
ahead: little Boweryem goes up to visit the
Geary�s and says of the latest Lee � the beef-
faced one � that he doesn�t know whether she
is deaf and dumb, but that he has never heard
her open her mouth.   Of course Mrs Geary retails
it to the party in question.  General row and
caterwauling � Boweryem �no gentleman� � to
be �challenged� by somebody!     He has contri-
ved to make himself deliciously odious to the Irish-
ry at table, by saying brutal things in a pomp-
ous voice, reflecting on their nationality.  They
would like to skin him alive, I do believe.      Me
they regard as a cynical ruffian, insensible
to the charm of ladies� society.  An absurd oc-
casional conversational duel occurs between
Clark and Boweryem in which she, when a
little inebriated, gets the best of it, saying rather
smart things and celebrating her victory by a
long, gleeful, sloppy laugh and a look at peo-
ple, as if for congratulation.   Her assailant
is intensely disgusted in consequence.  It�s like
a fight between a mop and a cock-sparrow,               
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