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Text for Page 062 [11-12-1861]

	Hoaxing Boweryem and Cahill.
and he trusts to work it through.�     Writing in
the afternoon.  Shepherd coming up and I nar-
rating to him the slander upon the beefy Leahy
(it appears that is the right way to spell the
name of the charming sisters � I had wondered
that its supposed orthography should not have a suggestion
of potheen and potatoes about it) we devise hu-
mors of hoaxing there upon and incontinently com-
pose two letters, one purporting to be addressed
by �Martha Lee� to Cahill, entreating in the slop-
piest English, his championship, the other from
Cahill to Boweryem demanding an apology for
the alleged offence.  These I deposited on the 
mantel-piece of our parlor, just before the bell
rang for dinner.      Cahill did not appear at the
meal, but the letter for Boweryem was delivered
to him towards its conclusion, when he, never
distrusting its authenticity, handed it to me.   I
read it, said �Bosh!� and questioned Mrs Boley
about Cahill�s condition &c.    Boweryem ascended
to my room where Shepherd and myself impro-
ved the occasion, the former commenting on the
enormity of the offence against the Irishry and
suggesting acceptation of the alternative proposed
� an apology.   The little man, though somewhat ap-
prehensive of having got himself into a scrape,
would see the Irishry d____d first.        Presently               
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