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Text for Page 012 [10-19-1851]

              19. Sunday.  Drawing till sunset; a wet dismal day. For 
Mr Hart�s map & Reveille rebusses.  Supped at Mr
Greatbatch�s, read awhile, back, half an hour with the
Cunninghams. then to room, drawing and bed
  20.  Monday.  Down town to Castle Garden.  To Holmes,
to Traveller Office, with articles &c, to Strongs, to Nagles &c
Back, drawing.  Barth called at night, out with him, as 
far as Brooklyn, then a walk to Fulton Street. Found
Dunsier, wife, Fagan and Meyer, (German) all there. Sin-
ging &c  Left at about 9.
  21.  Tuesday.  A letter from Alf.  He has been in the
country.     Drawing all day, hard, save a rush down town
to Traveller Office at sunset.  Took Paper to Genin. Evening
writing & drawing. Wrote to Mr Hart
  22. Wednesday. Wrote to Alf Waud.  Down town
with blocks for �Reveille.�  To �Traveler� &c..  Afternoon
down again,  to Post Office, �Traveler� &c .  Met Dunsier.
Afternoon ^|supper| called at Dunsiers Brooklyn.     Called on Ro-
berts, saw him and Lock, with another there, one Gurnsey
a literary hack-annexer of other men�s ideas for the (S)Harper
firm,  Lock trying to arrange with him.
  23.  Thursday.  Out at 1, to Traveler, and out with 
Holbrook to see about portrait of Kossuth.   Drawing all the
afternoon & writing till midnight.   Chapter 5 of �Ike Chiv-
vles.     Very busy am I now, and melancholic.  [words crossed out]               
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