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Text for Page 063 [11-12-1861]

	       No particular Result.
Cahill came up, rather inebriated, and talk-
ed,   Boweryem watching him and suspicious of
some sudden outbreak.        Boweryem departing,
Cahill wondered what was the matter with
him, �wanted to know, you know.�  He had the
false Lee letter in his pocket, but said nothing
about it then, suspecting its authorship, as he
had inquired of Mrs Boley and learnt the ficti-
tious Martha rejoiced in the charming name of
Anastatia.    Boweryem meanwhile was getting
decidedly apprehensive; when I happened to go
down stairs he seized upon me demanding in-
telligence, and subsequently ascended to old Jew-
itt�s room to consult with him!            Cahill and
Shepherd going out, there was something of an
absurd scene in the hall, the �Lee� letter being 
discovered by them, Mrs Boley and Jewitt.    The
latter declares that Cahill was as completely sold
as Boweryem, but I don�t think he had much
credence in the business, though he might have
had some.
  13.  Wednesday.   In doors all day, writing;
dispirited, out of sorts, bothered and matagrab-
olized � all except the morning.   Shepherd up
once, and in the evening Boweryem and one
Softly, a new boarder, a compositor employed 
in the Evening Post.   He is an Englishman,               
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