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Text for Page 065 [11-14-1861]

	Mort Thomson back.    O�Brien.
Grace�s husband, says Cahill, looks so ill
and worn-out as to be absolutely ghastly; his
face is thin and hollow, with deep, black, ominous
shades round the eyes.  Cahill attributes this to
overwork and excitement and declares that Mort
will not live six months.     He was sent off to Wash-
ington this evening.          O�Brien met Cahill
two or three days ago, thanking him for the
Times paragraph.    He would have been Irish
in it, but for Cahill�s coolness.       He is very
�hard-looking.�   The interview occurred at Crook
and Duff�s.              Among the letters reprinted
from originals captured at Port Royal are one
written by my Charleston acquaintance Ripley,
giving instructions how to repel attack, another
of minor importance by �General� Dunnovant.  If
Charleston be attacked, we shall be likely to
hear more of the burly, bearded ex-U.S. Major
who admitted me into Fort Moultrie.
  15.  Friday.   Writing in-doors all day.  Shepherd
up at 1, and remained all the afternoon and part
of the evening, principally sleeping on the bed, as he
is sick and out of sorts.      At about 8 he departed
for the doctor (who, if they pay him must derive
a considerable revenue from the Bohemians) and
I sat writing with Boweryem till 10, when Mrs
Boley appeared, informing me that Cahill was               
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