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Text for Page 067 [11-15-1861]

   �Jasper� gives me some Charleston news.
appeared in my room next morning.
  16.  Saturday.   Down town to the Evening
Post office; upstairs to the compositor�s room,
saw Maverick, who was full of the news of the
capture of Mason and Slidell, by Wilkes, on
board an English steamer.    Bryant came up,
while we were talking.   In the editorial room,
saw Godwin, who introduced me to a Dr Salter,
the Times� Charleston correspondent under the name
of �Jasper,� last January, and from thence to the
fall of Sumter, when the Carolinians put him
into prison for a day or so.     We had heard of
each other mutually from Carlyle, and after
my departure �Jasper� pitched into me, mistaking-
ly, about the Illustrated London News picture
as already chronicled.  I reminded him of it and
we had a social talk and anon a drink together,
after some delay accruing from my waiting to get
paid $20 odd for articles furnished during the 
last two months.   Salter knew Ramsay
and agreed on my estimate of him; said he re-
monstrated with him about his misrepresentations
and sensation lyings respecting the Charleston peo-
ple.   I think they lived together at a private board-
ing house.  Salter was known as the Times corres-
pondent and kept Ramsay�s secret.     The latter
was vehemently suspected on his return from Co-               
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