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Text for Page 069 [11-16-1861]

          McLenan injured by Bellew�s return.
obtaining gratuitous drinks to treating others.   I
learnt, also, confirmation of W. Waud�s assertion
that Heiss, the Telegraph man, is in Brooklyn.
He would not take the oath of allegiance to the South-
ern Confederacy.      To Ross and Tousey�s and F.
Leslie�s for papers, then up town.      Writing.  Cahill
and Shepherd up in the evening and on their de-
parture Boweryem, whom I left writing at 9 for
an hour�s drop in at 745, expecting to find Haney
there.   Only Matty, Jack and paterfamilias present.
We talked of Beaufort and incidentals awhile, grew
dull and I left.         Cahill up by 11 � in a white
overcoat borrowed from Shepherd.
  17.  Sunday.   Drawing and writing.   Shep-
herd and Cahill up during the major portion of
the day.  A visit from MacCullough in the after-
  18.  Monday.   To Harper�s, saw Bonner,
showed sketch and left story with Guernsey.  McLel-
lan was with Bonner � I understood that he is equally
injured with the amiable Newman, by Bellew�s
return and resumption of his inevitable position.
To W. Leslie�s; Livingston there and Kendall
came in � Leslie is going to employ him as book-
keeper.    Indoors during the rest of the day,
finishing story.   A concert in progress below, in
the parlor, Softly and certain friends of his extem-               
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