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Text for Page 070 [11-18-1861]

	      Cahill versus Boweryem.
porizing it.    Boweryem with me.       This evening
Cahill presented himself at the dinner table drunk
and malicious, and on some recollection of Bower-
yem�s having bragged of his prowress after their
former row (amiably communicated by Mrs Geary)
denounced the little man as a d____d coward,
threatening to lie in wait for him on the staircase
and to lick him.        I told Cahill sotto voce that I�d 
return the favor, if he did it and presently convin-
ced him that Boweryem hadn�t publicly insulted
him, over the table, as he confusedly imagined.  Then
he professed regret, and coming up into my room
subsequently, where Boweryem was (rather appre-
hensive, I think) desired me, on a scrap of paper,
to �introduce� him, which I did, when there occur-
red a surface reconciliation.          Cahill�s behavior
in respect to Boweryem would be more objectiona-
ble if the little beggar did not invite it by his
extreme bumptiousness.  He talks like a man six-
feet high � I don�t believe he is five � of invincible
prowress and courage and is really guilty of im-
pertinences which would get him licked at least
once a week were his conceit and harmlessness
not so obvious.     He pronounces on everything with
the air of a Grand Sultan and nev has not the
slightest power of reticence or idea of the fitness of
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