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Text for Page 071 [11-18-1861]

	           Banks �Bellew�s boy.�
  19.  Tuesday.   To Harpers.   Left story for Bon-
ner and met Damoreau, who talked of Haney
being at the Crocketts� on Sunday, of Madame and
the like.    He had a visit from his crony, Fogg,
a day back; which Fogg, as I know, returned
from ^|the| Minnesota experiment some time ago, discon-
tented with it.               To F. Leslie�s.  With W. Waud,
and White to Crook and Duff�s, there drinking
with them and talking, Banks joined us.  (He talk-
ed of having business with Bellew, as if it involved
heavy commercial relations.     He is as Cahill calls
it, �Bellew�s boy� at $5 a week.)        Meantime Waud
was talking with Nast who had come in with
Eytinge.   As drinks had just been ordered I invi-
ted Tommy to join us; he declined civilly, on the plea 
that he had to go to work.        Alf, Will said, with
some envy, was having a very great time in Wash-
ington, invited to suppers with officers, getting special
information of movements, &c.    To F. Leslie�s again,
anon to Haney�s, where Banks came in, eulogizing
a specially cheap pair of boots he wore, purchased
at Fulton market.         To Leslie�s again, saw him,
Powell and Bellew � Newman, previously.   Got
block, returned up town by 3.       Drawing during
the evening.   Haney up and Boweryem.   Reading
�Philip� and talking.      Haney stayed till about 2,
Cahill replacing Boweryem for the latter two hours.               
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