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Text for Page 072 [11-19-1861]

	  Edward Greatbatch enlists.
A letter from Mary Ann this morning, relating
how her boy Edward has enlisted for the war
about a month ago � on the ninth of October �
in the Lincoln regiment, now at Geneva, Kane
Co. Illinois.   He has been home to seen them and
expects to go to Kentucky, when his company is
complete.   Poor mother! another sorrow in an
already over sorrowful life.  �Oh! that he may
never be upon the field of battle!� she writes.
�But he was so anxious to enlist that I suppose
he would not have liked it, had I tried to pre-
vent it.       I was very much opposed to it all
along.�    Then she tells about her getting his
daguerreotype taken, and hopes and trusts he
will not be called out this winter.           The
war is like a Malestr�m, sweeping something
of everybody�s into it.  God send the lad safe
to his mother again!
  20.  Wednesday.   Indoors, writing and
drawing all day.   Answered Mary Ann�s let-
ter among other things, and did half-page drawing
on wood for F. Leslie.         Out for ale at about
10 �.
  21.  Thursday.   Down town, to the E. Post office
&c, and to F. Leslie�s.     Bit of interview with
old Powell and Squier, specially the former.  Up
town.    Drawing during the afternoon.   Evening               
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