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Text for Page 013 [10-23-1851]

              [line crossed out]
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  24.  Friday.  Writing & drawing, then down town making
calls. �Traveler,�  Roberts, Neagle�s, Post Office, Bartons,
at Reveille Office &c.  Afternoon out again with more small draw-
ings.  Supper.  Big stone arrives from Miller to draw map title
on.  Evening called at Dunsiers.     To the Broadway theatre
  25. Saturday.  Drawing awhile.  To Roberts, to Lock�s, then
to Strongs, saw him and his editor. To �Traveler�.     Afternoon
out again. To Brooklyn, then to Traveller. Sat awhile with
Holbrook; then to supper. He called for me afterwards, and
together we went to the Lyceum. �White horse of the Peppers�
played & I seldom recollect to have been more thoroughly pleased
Brougham (he whom while-ere I knew as projector of �the Bubble�
acting excellently.   Ballet dancing. Rousset family &c afterwards.
  26  Sunday.  Wet all day, rain sans mercy.  Writing [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].  In the evening talking with Mr and Mrs Cunningham
in their room by fireside � principally on �Slavery�.  Mr C is a 
Georgian.  [words crossed out]
  27. Monday.  Wrote a little, then to Castle Garden.
Thence to Holmes, thence to Millers, to Anderson, Holmes &
Andersons again.  Got paid $5, Evoe! Thence to Traveler Office,
and with Holbrook to Locke,  who agreed to take a hundred co               
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