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Text for Page 073 [11-21-1861]

	 My Mother informs me of
to Bellew�s, at his new house in 22nd street.
There till about 11; partly conversing with him
and Mrs B., in the latter half of the evening ex-
clusively with the former.
  22.  Friday.   Made sketch; with it to Harper�s
by 11 �; saw Bonner.  Charleston story in print;
sketch liked.  Uptown.  Cahill and Shepherd in
my room � the latter having disappeared for two
days, it is supposed that he has been drunk
somewhere.   They off.   A letter form my
mother.     The truth � the whole infamous truth
about Rosa Bolton, at last! and here it is:
�She has lately been to Neithrop; I cannot think
how she can shew her face there, at present;
taking Charley, too; but she is quite brazen.
Her name quite stinks there.  One old acquaintance
of theirsx �(the Neithrop lot)� says Charles must
be a muff or a saint to have married her.          She
wrote falsely when she said no one came near
her in her confinement�.    I went with your sis-
ter, the moment that Charles sent to me.          I
stayed all day; and had to walk near five
miles and did not get over the fatigue for a week.
  x Probably George Gardner, Sarah Ann�s fianc�e
or Davids. (The latter.)  � In a snivelling, lying letter to her
brother Richard, which George showed me in Canada.               
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