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Text for Page 074 [11-22-1861]

	        Rosa Bolton�s Infamy.
When I asked why they did not, have her mother,
said (sic) �not on any account� � I suppose for
fear she should talk to the nurse.       I saw the
child a full-grown babe of nine months, too large
for the coffin that was sent for a premature one of six
months, according to Charles� order.    So the nurse
doubled the legs under.�        So Charley has mar-
ried a stinking little whore! � the dead brat
being, in all probability Hartley�s.    �He does
not look happy,� my mother continues; �God only
knows whether he suspects what we all know.
He was so infatuated with her and we could
not prove anything.      I begged him to wait six
months, but the crafty mother and daughter
managed him.�      � There�s more news but
I can�t chronicle it, now.      I wish the nasty
little bitch had died with her whelp!  And I�ll
see George Bolton damned before I�ll play at
being friends with him.                         Writing in
the afternoon, another story and notes to Heylyn
and John Conworth, the last containing particulars
about my attempt to discover the grave of his un-
cle.         In the evening to 16th street and with
Haney to 745.    Matty in the basement, making
a cap for little Jessie.   (�If it came to the worst�
the girl said laughingly, afterwards, �she could
get her living at hat-making!�)       Haney went up-               
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