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Text for Page 077 [11-24-1861]

	          A �Sell� on Morris.
he obtained scholars � teaching French probably �
and remittances from Boston, hoarding the lat-
ter and living meanly until he could compass the
desire of his heart, returning to Paris.       He did
this with a German girl or woman � Hillard
says of respectable family � whom he �seduced.�
He was engaged to be married in Boston, but
broke the engagement dishonorably.  Hitchings in-
troduced him to the Hillards, but he and they
presently found him out and vote him, now, a
mean, slow animal.          To Bellew�s.   Found
Mr Wheeler, Haney and Morris there; the first
soon left.    Talk, ale and smoke.            Apropos
of Morris, there�s been a bit of �sell� at his ex-
pense.   Calling on me unsuccessfully t�other day, he
soundly rated Mrs. Boley for having told Miss Ma-
guire that he was married to that extraordinary
Mrs. Bryant, with whom he went to the east
� a rumor, I think of my originating � which
Cahill had �sworn to.�  Morris, it seem, had
called in his gay bachelor character on little Ma-
guire, procuring her address from Mrs Boley,
when Miss M. had insisted that he was mar-
ried, despite his contradictions.   Mrs Boley
declares that Morris was seriously exasperated
in consequence.     We laughed over this, talked
of the war (more amicably than at 745) and               
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