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Text for Page 078 [11-24-1861]

           House & Alf Waud after Bull Run.
departed at 11, when a light snow was fal-
ling.       Morris proposed that we should meet
at 745 on Friday evening, which was provisionally
agreed to, and then he left us.          Commenting
on it, I remarked how horribly dull it was there
when only one happened to drop in, and how
completely the old enchantment of the place had pas-
sed away.         Haney assented and said that we
had invested the family with our own feelings to-
wards it.
  25.  Monday.   To Harper�s, saw Bonner, read
proof of story, got $18.  To F. Leslie�s, saw him
and J. Wood.  Up-town.  Writing.  Hayes the engra-
ver came up in the evening, to invite me to visit him
on Thursday, (Thanksgiving Day).         Whiskey and
talk of folks; much of Alf Waud and his Vir-
ginian experiences.  He and House slept at Centre-
ville on the Bull Run night, in a Secesh household;
Alf availing himself of his British nationality.
There were apprehensions about his being taken pris-
oner in New York and Hayes told �Mrs W.� some
humane flams to relieve her anxiety.          Hayes
stayed till 11; Boweryem coming up towards the end
of the colloquy.
  26.  Tuesday.   In doors writing.     Cahill up
part of the time, rather shy of allusion to his
last weeks doings.   Going down town at 5, I met               
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