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Text for Page 079 [11-26-1861]

Bellew and, returning, joined him and Chaill
at a newly-opened, semi-British store, where the
former was engaged buying cheese, bacon &c, and
where we drank, a superfluous proceeding on
Bellew�s part.      Haney had recently left the
two.       Writing during the evening.  Cahill up
later.    Having spent all his money, he is clothed
in his right mind.
  27.  Wednesday.   Down-town with Shepherd
by 12 � to keep appointment with Hayes the en-
graver.     As he didn�t come, went to F. Leslie�s.
Newman there � conciliatory � showed me a
sketch and accepted suggestions as to its im-
provement.   To Haney�s.      He going off to-night
for a Thanksgiving Day at Nyack with the
Nicholses.   Hayes in to invite him to Brooklyn.
Return up-town and writing during the eve-
ning.   Shepherd up part of the time.
  28.  Thursday.   In doors, alone, writing
till 4, then off for Brooklyn.  Met Bowman
in crossing the Park.  He returned from Washing-
ton two weeks ago and projects going to Cali-
fornia.     Passed Thorpe on the ferry-boat.   At
Hayes� by 5.      He occupies ou the upper part of
a neat house in State Street (not ver far from
the residence of Sol Eytinge) and I found him
watching over a sleeping and very fat baby, of               
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