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Text for Page 081 [11-29-1861]

		  Mrs. Weaver.
Poughkeepsie, to visit the Weddles.   He supposed
Haney was with them.   Morris conducted himself
amiably and feebly, as usual, filled a pipe
twice, smoked very little of it and made
Shepherd nervous.      He, Morris, has his
name in the list of lecturers published in this
day�s Tribune.    Subject, Humorous Poem; �Love
and War.�       Frank Wood appears, also: �Down
South in Secession-Time.    Salter; �Charleston
and the Charlestonians.�   And Addey � the Lord
knows what.               Writing, after my visitors
had gone; out of sorts and matagrabolized.
  30.  Saturday.  To Harper�s, saw Bon-
ner.  To F. Leslie�s; got $8.  To the Evening
Post.  �Major� Hills there, in his uniform, here
on furlough.    Godwin closetted with somebody.
While I was talking with Ripley there came in
a literary or newspaper woman whom he
chaffed.  She was a Mrs Weaver, a �California�
widow, free and easy in talk; wrote rot, so
Ripley said, subsequently, for what papers she
could and made her living by it.     He was cu-
riously brusque in his remarks to her.     Said she
�If I were to bring in an article on� some paintings
�would you print it?�      �If Mr Gunn were to, I
should;� he replied, and then talked how her mat-
ter had to be cut down and re-written.       She went               
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