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Text for Page 014 [10-27-1851]

              pies of this weeks Traveler, if not more.  Then back
to dinner.     Out again.  To Traveler Office to Holmes,
to Post Office, to Genins where I met Holbrook.  Met
Richardson in the morning who told me that he and Johns
had in vain tried to find out my residence. That Johns
thought of accompanying us to Niagara.     Evening
sat in sitting room, there present Fanny Wallack or
Mrs Moorhouse, Mrs Leave, and theatrical ladies.
Talk of Raymond, who died in this house on Saturday
afternoon,  and whom I saw in his coffin, then.   His
mother seems [words crossed out] easy about it, suffers occasionaly
but talks freely of him, and seems rather to like 
the topic than otherwise.   She, they say, is something
in the �Mrs Prig� way, at a Philadelphia hospital,
used to�t like eels to flaying.  /     I don�t dislike
theatrical folks, spite of their envyings and green room
tattle, they are seldom common-place. Can say lively
things, and, at least play the gentleman.  /     To
bootmaker Weber, paid him, to Mrs Kidders, sat awhile
with good humored Jane Gibson, (says Masons sick)
then to Mulberry Street.   There till 10.  Got a letter
from home, William Mitchell off to Australia.   And
George Bolton wretched at home talks of coming back to 
America, with Conworth as companion, and perchance Con
worths sister as wife! (While Conworth may do the same               
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