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Text for Page 083 [11-30-1861]

	    Bowman off for California.
ing to positive rudeness, and nothing else worthy
of characterization as far as I have observed.     He
used to drink considerably.      Up-town and in-
doors the rest of the day.     Boweryem with me
during the evening.

  1.  Sunday.   In-doors, writing &c. till 4,
then to Bellew�s.  With him till 11, principally
talking over his intended lectures, �Punch� and
�Caricature.�   He has employed Banks in getting 
up particulars.
  2.  Monday.   With Mrs. Boley to Pier No 4,
North River to see Bowman off for California, he
having called yesterday and announced that in-
tention.   Failed signally, after half an hour�s
waiting in a dense crowd outside the gates.   Ef-
fecting an entrance at length on the long pier, we
could not obtain access to the vessel, officials de-
manding passports of all passengers.                 To
Nassau Street; met Bellew, to Crook and
Duff�s; left him, to F. Leslie�s, thence to the
Sun office about a job, saw one of the Beach�s,
(a mean-looking common little man) with him
to F. Leslie�s, anon up town by 3.     Drawing
during the evening.   Shepherd up and Boweryem.               
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