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Text for Page 084 [12-01-1861]

	The Fourth Ward Station House.
The former got $40 for his �Broadway� poem,
at Harpers, and squandered it all, whoring and
drinking, in less than two days, as, of course,
Cahill did what remained of his salary after
paying for his board.      I have endeavored to
find Seymour to have a talk with him about
Cahill, but can�t procure his address, he having
recently moved.   Cahill don�t show himself in
my room immediately after his debauches,
and Shepherd pronounces himself a d____d fool,
and vows reformation.   Proclivior.
  3.  Tuesday.   Down town, with Shepherd, to
the Sun Office and to F. Leslie�s.     Returning
alone met Mrs or Miss Black in the Bowery
who talked about wanting to return to our board-
ing house.    A cold, sunny day.      Shepherd
and Cahill in my room.        A fussy; important
note marked �private� and �immediate� with as-
sociated Press documents from Boweryem.    He
might just as well have brought them 
when he presented himself at 5 P. M.     Dinner
with him then down town per omnibus; I to the
Fourth Ward, to repeat my last year�s perform-
ance, getting the election returns, this time for
the Mayorality.  It proved a less tedious job,
this time, ending by 11.      Again I had occasion
to remark the general brutality of the police, as               
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