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Text for Page 085 [12-02-1861]

		Police Brutality.
manifested in their treatment of prisoners.  There
was borne into the station-house, a drunken
man, probably a sailor, who appeared so utter-
ly inebriated that I thought him a corpse, at
first, or that he had been rendered insensible
by some horrible accident.  While he lay on the
floor, one of the sergeants, an abrupt, surly,
arbitrary fellow, less than thirty in age, beat
him about the legs and the soles of his feet
with a locust-club by way of reviving him.
Succeeding by these gentle means, when the man,
(a heavy, ruffianly-looking fellow) was hoisted
to his feet, the Sergeant butted him twice or
thrice brutally in the face, with the top and
edge of the hard glazed hat he wore on his head.
The other policemen enjoyed the spectacle. Wil-
liams asserted that the sailor was only �sham-
ming� and �ugly� � a very common assump-
tion, I fancy.          Of all tyrants and brutes
I think the low American, of Irish antecedents
is the worse extant.       Out into the sharp,
ice-cold night and deserted streets at 11, to
the corner of Liberty street and Broadway to
deliver my �duplicates,� then up-town by a 6th
avenue car and to bed by midnight.         Cahill
up for five minutes.
  4.  Wednesday.   Doing Beach�s drawing,               
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