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Text for Page 086 [12-04-1861]

		O�Brien unhanged.
with some scribbling.   Out at sunset to tailor�s.
  5.  Thursday.   Beach called.   Down town with
Shepherd.   He had been at the Waverly overnight,
encountering O�Brien, F. Wood, Launt Thomp-
son, Bierstadt and Eastman Johnson, the last
of whom is a painter of deserved celebrity.  O�Brien
was resplendent in the costume of th an U. S. of-
ficer, blue-broadcloth suit, red sash and sword.
He has no other right to wear it, or to assume his
title of �captain� beyond his �great expectations� of
obtaining a commission in the regular army.   The
pistolling business has ended his connetion with
the Mc Clellan Rifles.    He talks of going to Wash-
ington within a day or two.          To Wells and Webb�s
for block; heard that �Jesse,� a man I knew
well there, has joined the army �as cook.�  To
Harper�s; Guernsey out.       Then, still with Shep-
herd, crossed to Hoboken and did the old tramp,
along the margin of the Elysian Fields, thence
up the rocks at Weehawken to Linouze�s, and
back by the plank road across the swamp,
as the shades of evening descended upon us.  I need-
ed this tramp, having got feverish with staying
in doors.
  6.  Friday.   Indoors, putting Beach�s drawing
on wood.  Shepherd prevalent all the time.    He
wants to return to Jersey, but having squandered               
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