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Text for Page 087 [12-06-1861]

		Panurge again.
all his money, awaits Cahill�s repayment of
$5, which that young man borrowed �to pay a
debt,� before obtaining his last weeks salary, and
incontinently got drunk upon it.        From Shepherd
I also learn that Cahill�s neglect of his duty
during the last two days of the preceding week pro-
duced something like a climax at the office.    Going
thither on Monday, he found his name removed
from the books, heard that Raymond had spoken
of his conduct to Seymour, threatening dismissal,
and got a blowing-up from Armstrong.     The fool-
ish fellow assumed an air of independence, flatter-
ing himself that he could get a commission in some
of the volunteer regiments, the officers of which
make much of the �military reporter� of the N.Y.
Times, but who would soon, I trow, turn a cold
shoulder to Francis Conway Cahill.   Happily for
him the storm has temporarily blown over and he
resumes his position, a little sobered.     This evening
he presented himself at the dinner table not in
his usual Friday�s condition and took credit for
it.       It�s only a temporary respite; I know what
must come of it.      Cahill is almost utterly des-
titute in the article of clothes; has but the suit
he stands upright in; is hideously in wont of
linen and hosiery and wears shirt-collars
abandoned by other boarders, lent to him by               
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