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Text for Page 089 [12-07-1861]

course Cahill avoided him throughout the eve-
ning.          Writing, somewhat bothered by Shep-
herd and Boweryem.
  8.  Sunday.   Sacrificed a lovely, mild May
day, like three preceding it, to finishing Ken-
tucky story.    Shepherd present most part
of the time.    Cahill isn�t on hand at meal times;
want to avoid �Daisy� who has taken board
here for a week intending to write a poem on the
Fifth Avenue, ordered by Guernsey.    Left him
in my room at 8 and went to Chapin�s.       Then
to 745.     The girls, Jack and Nast had also
attended church; I found them with the old
folks, with Haney and Morris in the base-
ment.   Mr and Mrs Nast left almost imme-
diately, we, visitors, remained to the usual
hour.       Walked homewards with Maurice &
Haney, taking a turn or two with the latter.   He
accompanied Matty, Eliza and Jack in their
Thanksgiving visit to the Weddles at Poughkeep-
sie, not going as I supposed to the Nichols.   They
stayed a night and a day, returning nocturnally
by steamer.     Sally and her husband spent the
day at 745.
  9.  Monday.   Writing note to Bowman, Sacra-
mento City, California, Mrs Boley being desirous of
obtaining news of a brother-in-law there, with the               
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