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Text for Page 090 [12-09-1861]

		Alf Waud�s Children.
intention of exporting her delightful son, Albert,
thither.      Down town, to Harper�s; left story with
Bonner; saw Guernsey � hadn�t read story I left
three weeks ago.   To F. Leslie�s; saw him after
John Wood and Newman, the latter of whom I
had met previously at Harper�s.       To the E. Post;
saw Godwin; suggested article and got told to do
it.      To Brooklyn by the Atlantic Ferry, thence
by cars to near Alf Waud�s residence.    The house,
by the way, as Hayes the engraver told me,
has been purchased by Mrs Jewell, hence I sup-
pose Alf pays no rent, that being �taken out� in
the occasional, pretty general, board of Mrs J and
Mrs Sexton.           I found the children disporting
themselves on the inclosed grass plot in front of
the house, under charge of an Irish girl and
the little things ran to welcome me.   �Mrs Waud�
and Mrs Sexton had, I learnt, gone to Washing-
ton last Tuesday, for perhaps two weeks sojourn,
and Mrs Jewell was not at home.     It was a love-
ly day, sunny and mild, the children the pictures 
of health, with the reddest hair I ever saw on
juvenile heads.   Mrs Sexton�s little girl trotted
a couple of blocks with me, to the car.   Back
to New York and per omnibus up-town by 3 �.
Writing the last five pages during the evening, Shep-
herd on t�other side of the table, matagrabolizing               
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