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Text for Page 091 [12-09-1861]

	General Benham.  (Vol. 22, 05.)
his poem.     He rowed Cahill to-day without
any particular effect, though the latter avoids him
less markedly.
  10.  Tuesday.   Making sketch and writing
letter to my mother till evening, in company with
Shepherd engaged on his poem.    A mild, misty,
sunless day.       After dinner, went to Martin�s
house on 4th street, where I was received by a
deaf, clerical looking brother of his, presently
reinforced by young Daniel, a foot taller than
when I saw him last, and like papa in man-
ner.     Martin came anon, introducing me to the
General Benham spoken of by him at the Post
office, who had arrived this day in New York,
and seemed sojourning at the Martins� residence.
He told me he was �under arrest� � how he
could be at liberty, only American military rule
might account for.     He was charged with having
allowed Floyd to escape and expected to be court-
martialled, which he attributed to a conspiracy
against him on the part of the three other �Generals� who
desired to make him the �scape-goat for their deri-
lection of duty.    The man did not impress me
agreably, he spoke dogmatically and arrogantly,
denying ability to almost every officer mentioned
in the course of the conversation.    He was portly
in figure, with a heavy, unpleasant countenance,               
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