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Text for Page 092 [12-10-1861]

	    The two Misses Mathew.
indicative, I thought, more of self-will and self-
ishness than anything else.       As a rule, all the
U. S. Army officers I have met
have been dictatorilal to the verge of rudeness in
manner, regarding civilians as essentially their
inferiors; the Democratic mind is prone to assert
itself so.  I couldn�t help contrasting this Ben-
ham with that true hero Hodson, whose biography
I have read of late.    But perhaps the man was
soured by injury and appeared to disadvantage.
  He had brought Martin, as a present, a Southern
sword, taken at Carmfox Ferry; a home made
article, straight, with a broad, smooth, slight-
ly rounded blade, not unlike in proportions, the
Roman gladius.     He said there was a manu-
factury of them in Georgia.              To the Can-
terbury Hall, where I stayed till 10 �, acquiring
matter for Evening Post article.  It proved dreary
work.    Among the waiter-girls, I saw our two
ex-boarders, the �Miss Mathews,� both of whom
spoke to me in the course of the evening, one telling
me she had left her �sister� (ignoring the consan-
guinity) and the other asked after Cahill.        Took
Shepherd out to Lipscombe�s for ale, on my re-
  11.  Wednesday.   A wet, windy day.   Writing
to my sister in the morning, in company with               
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