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Text for Page 015 [10-27-1851]

              with Sarah Ann!!                I had also a letter from Boutcher
(the evening of yesterday, brought to me in Mr Cunninghams
room.    He speaketh of a young lady Ned, my brother philan-
dereth with.   So goes the world.   I wonder what sort of
a sister in law I may have.     Boutcher himself yearneth
after New Zealand.  [words crossed out]
  28. Tuesday.  To Webers, to Traveller Ofice, to Holmes,
to Millers, thence to Castle Garden, thence to Traveller Of-
fice again.  Post Office where I found letters from my Mother
Naomi & Rosa, which had lain there some two weeks.
Annie Mitchell going to the wedded, to a cousin of the wife
of Tom Mitchell.    She was a sweet pretty girl once; � many
a time have I kissed her. [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out].     My father hath
chanced to meet Uncle Samuel & Amy. He walking down
Chancery lane, looking old & feeble, supported by a stick
and his daughter.     So they come & go, and drift past.
[words crossed out]  				Country visit-
ings to & fro.              /           To Castle Garden again in the
afternoon, thence Holmes & Traveller.  Talk with Morey.
Evening to Webers, passing through West Broadway &
there finding a crowd of boys assembled round two
burning tar barrels, while grouped at and the ad-
jacent tall liberty-pole were, as a plat form, men               
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