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Text for Page 093 [12-11-1861]

          The Stokeses, Masons & Hogarths.
Shepherd (I went to Martin�s to get Mrs
Church�s address, to put our folks in communica-
tion with her.)          Apropos of home; I have
omitted certain items about old acquaintances
mentioned in my mother�s and sister�s letters.
Joe Stokes, Sam�s friend and admirer of
the blooming Tilly Jenkins, went to Australia,
married, became insane and is now in an an-
tipodean lunatic asylum.     His father died soon
after his departure.     His mother, in a distres-
sing state, travels from place to place with one
of her daughters; cannot bear to hear her son�s
name mentioned &c.     Her other sons and an
uncle of theirs carry on the boat-building business.
The daughters visit at our house yet, as do the
Masons, Miss M. having grown up �a pretty, nice
girl.�       The Hogarth family are also constant
to Rodney Buildings.    John, the son is in the North
�among the iron people there.�   Mr and Mrs Heath
live in Campden Town; three children (all they have
had) are dead; �she, poor thing, is a daily gover-
ness, has been to see� our folks �several times,
and has, I think,� (my mother writes) �a bad hus-
band.  We never see him nor does Samuel.�  Tilly
is still a blooming governess; Sam says she shall
always have a home with him when she wants
one.    Aunt Anna visits us still; never sees her               
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