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Text for Page 094 [12-11-1861]

	        English Country News.
�wretch of a husband;� her three younger boys
have employment on the Great Western Railway;
my mother hopes they�ll prove more dutiful than
the elder ones.     Melisent Mitchell has arrived in
Australia; her mother has only one son in England.
Thus my mother: Rosa tells of her sojourn
in the country, how Sam invited Naomi to Rams-
gate, with Minny, for a fortnight; how George Gard-
ner has injured his leg by helping at a fire in
Banbury and can�t walk; how Edwin Bolton�s
�little Minnie� dances about at Neithrop; how she
(Rosa) went to Davids� house at Tadmarton, near
Broughton Castle, and how she met my Hannah
at Gazey�s, with minor items.            Down town
as far as Reade Street by sunset, returning
up the Bowery.    In the evening, with Shepherd
to Bellew�s.   Banks there and a brother-in-law
of Bellew.    Looking over caricatures of self, Haney,
Banks and John Wood and talking of Bellew�s
lectures.   Banks and young Wheeler left; we re-
mained till about 11.
  12.  Thursday.   To Harper�s: neither M.S.
read.  Looked in at F. Leslie�s, anon up town.
Sitting with Shepherd when Jack Edwards came
up with a big basket of apples for me, part of
five barrels-full sent to 745 by hearty Bill Ro-
gers.     Morris up directly afterwards.  All of us               
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