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Text for Page 095 [12-12-1861]

	  The Camp on Staten Island.
chaffing the latter about �War and Women,�
requesting him to recite some of it, until he
waxed wroth and presently departed with
Jack.   I should like him to make a successful
lecture-season of it and think he might accom-
plish it, if he�d take advice and give the people
something they would expect from the name of
K. N. Pepper.        But his poem, both from Haney�s
and Billington�s account, is a fearfully slow
business, commencing with a mild defence of Eve
and platitudinarianising ad infinitum.        Morris,
too, is so thin-skinned that he�ll suffer horribly
in a failure.     But Wilful will to Water and
Wilful must drench.       Evening, in doors with
  13.  Friday.   With Jack Edwards, (who cal-
led for me) to Harpers.    Thence to Evening
Post office, with �notice� for Morris, duly insert-
ed.       Thence, together to Staten Island, to
visit George Edwards, now, with a portion of his
regiment, occupying the barracks once tenanted
by Billy Wilson and his Zouaves.         He gave
us a lunch, told us how neither he nor any of
the officers or men had got one cent of pay from
the government, though enlisted for near six months.
They expected to sail for Port Royal to-morrow,
or within a day or two, to join the rest of their regi-               
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