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Text for Page 100 [12-16-1861]

	Rosa Bolton�s Letter to Hannah.
sequent talk of war between the two countries.  In
the evening with Shepherd to the Academy of Music,
there to witness the Hanlon�s feats of Zampillaeros-
tation, as they term it � swinging and leaping per-
formances upon the trapeze.     Saw W. Waud,
his wife and White there and drank with the men.
Met Cahill, too, (who had given us the tickets)
and the little Watson.        Return with Shepherd
to the house afterwards.         I met Nicholson this
morning, in conversation with Rosenberg.   He (the
former) went to Port Royal for the World.
  17.  Tuesday.   Writing in doors all the morning,
with an abominable cold in the head and limbs.
A letter from Hannah �                   Items: A let-
ter received by her from Mrs. Charley, �Charley
is very unwell, has not gone to business until
midday; he has this horrid low fever and aching
of the limbs and sore throat.  Ah me!� (one of
her brother George�s expressions � all the family
who are capable of letter writing imitate his lachry-
mose rot) �it�s very, very sad, and I am not the
thing myself;� (of course not).  �You are all
much, very much thought and talked of, as we
sit by our fireside so quietly and lonely. I anti-
cipated having a gentleman boarder to cheer us
up but he� didn�t come, in short.        �She wants
me to write to her as she says no one does or cares               
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