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Text for Page 101 [12-17-1861]

	    English Country News.
for her.�    Truly as Hannah says, �there is
nothing very happy in their union.�  Charley�s
unhappy infatuation and the false little bitch�s
selfishness and sin have borne appropriate fruit.
At Neithrop the hateful family are all at dis-
cord � may their family devils, cunning and self-
ishness, conspire to confound them!        Another
item; honest Susan Gregory that was, married
to a brute and sensualist named Walton, a baker
at Brackley and Birmingham, has left him, after
blows and illusage � would not take money where
she couldn�t have kindness � and is now a ser-
vant in London.       The old father died some
years back, leaving no money.     Meantime kind
Charlotte and her husband are as happy as can
be; my sister writes Calvinistic letters to Han-
nah and she herself � may God reward her
for her patience, sympathy and affection!
Out to the dreary Concert hells in the evening
for an hour or so, Shepherd with me.           He 
took his finished poem to Harper�s this after-
noon, saw the grinning and grubby-clawed
Guernsey rather hectored by the resplendent �Cap-
tain� O�Brien in uniform about inaccessible
proof and came away rather despondent.     I
could share the feeling, being sick in body and
mind; neither of which are bettered by lying               
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