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Text for Page 102 [12-17-1861]

	   Anti-English War-Feeling.
awake all night.
  18.  Wednesday.   Down town to Harper�s with
Shepherd, he to Guernsey, I to Bonner.      I was
so poor and low-spirited that I could have
hugged the man I was greeted with �Your
story�s in type, Mr Gunn.�    To the Sunday
Times� Office, got $5 for story left on Satur-
day.    To the Evening Post Office, Godwin, Ma-
verick, Nordhoff and Nichols the picture dealer,
all more of less talking hate of England.      Re-
paid chaff about nationality with interest and came 
of well in it.      Godwin humorous and anti-Bri-
tish, Maverick spirited, Nordhoff (a German ^|Norwegian|)
narrow-minded, Nichols blatant and soapy.
Godwin friendly, took me aside, talked of work.
Left; paper buying &c; met Shepherd at
Mataran�s as appointed; he had got $40
for his poem.    Up town by 2 with him; he
out again, of course after lunch, I to room
and scribbling.      When I descended to the din-
ner table I found him rather drunk, in com-
pany with Glover, whom we had encountered at
the door of a tavern in Houston street, in the
afternoon.     He looked sick and seedy, was
indeed paying the price of a dirty sensuality with
a waiter-prostitute at one of the concert-hells.
The fellow is an attach� of the Wilkes� Spirit; he               
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