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Text for Page 016 [10-28-1851]

              assembled.     A democratic meeting.    Liberty & a tar-
barrel.     To Webers, then back to work and thus �
till this moment, sorely pestered by the accursed mosquitos
who knowing their end approaches, assail with vampire like
  29. Wednesday. To Traveler Office, thence to [word crossed out]
Millers, where I commenced on the Map title, on the Stone.
Back to �Traveler� & dinner.     At work drawing on wood
subsequently, incidental of Kossuth, (all honor to him.)  This
till late at night.     Rushed out after supper to convey tickets for
Niblo�s to Mary Ann & Mr Greatbatch.
  30.  Thursday.  In doors drawing till 3, then down
town, called on Roberts, then to Traveller, with block.
Subsequently to Reveille Office, then to Castle Garden sans 
success.     Then back to Traveller, and at 6 in come Engra-
ver Hitchcock, and I, he & Holbrook discuss about start-
ing a paper a la Punch.     Drawing rebusses for Reveille �
during the evening.   Weary work.     Unceasing rain all day.
  31. Friday. To Bartons. To Traveler. To Wall Street.
Working on map title.  Call at Traveler again. To
Castle Garden.  Dinner.   Barth and another called.   Left
them in Broadway. To Millers, work. Called and talk
with Holbrook.     Evening wrote a song. [words crossed out]
A letter from Alf Waud to day.               
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