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Text for Page 103 [12-18-1861]

	          Glover the odious.
travelled with Heenan and the bruisers on a
sparring-tour throughout the South last winter.
A foolisher, more depraved fellow in his misera-
ble walk, scarcely exists even in the stinking at-
mosphere of N.Y. journalism.          Cahill came
home presently, drunk also, and he and Shep-
herd fell to abusing each other at table, with
oath and coarse epithet � a dreary, provoking
business.   When they had both gone and I sat
over a cup of tea, only Mrs Boley and �Anas-
tatia Leahy� present, the latter genteely opined
that Mr Cahill ought to get married! that would
reform him � said he was always a gentleman,  
though &c &c.         Upstairs I found the
three, Shepherd and Glover in dispute about
Wendell Phillips� coming lecture; Glover, with
violence and abuse, being, of course, on the devil�s
side.            They relieved me of their presence in
time; Shepherd returning in half an hour.
I had to go out to visit more concert-hells and
took him with me to keep him out of worse mis-
chief.   (He gave me $16 at lunch time) to keep
for him � had already, by night, squandered
the rest, or most of it.)   Hillard (Oliver) came
up with one Drake, a friend of his.  All out to-
gether; parted with Hillard and friend at the
�Melodean,� met Hayes the engraver, who joined               
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